• Autovent 2000 3000
    Autovent 2000 3000
  • Oxygen Pressure Regulators
    Oxygen Pressure Regulators
  • Autovent 4000
    Autovent 4000
  • LSP Demand Valve
    LSP Demand Valve
  • Allied Omnivent Transport Ventilator
    Allied Omnivent Transport Ventilator

Allied Healthcare Products

Allied's Life Support Products line has long been recognized as a leader in its field, offering a variety of specialized equipment for emergency and trauma care to fire departments, ambulance companies, and emergency medical services volunteer organizations throughout the U.S. and worldwide.


Demand Valves include models 034, 063, MTV and Omni-Vent.  We repair and maintain Life Support Products regulators and B&F regulators.


If you don't see your equipment here, please contact us, we may well support it too.

  • Autovents 2000/3000/4000
  • Allied Omni Ventilator
  • Oxygen Pressure Regulators
  • B & F Regulators
  • Demand Valves including models 034, 063 & MTV-100